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Garlic Scapes!

I suppose I could have lumped this in with my previous post about the goodies in my CSA basket this week, as the focus of this came as part of that bundle of deliciousness…but that dawned on me a bit late. When we think of garlic in what is probably its most traditional form, it … Continue reading

Some Fun with Eggroll Wrappers

I stayed home on Friday night. I did. I’ve been traveling like a maniac and all I could think about all week was making myself dinner, having a glass (um, or two) of wine, catching up on my laundry and watching something sort of mindless on tv. And let me tell you, it was all … Continue reading

A Perfectly Simple Party Appetizer

Winter is officially here. I can tell by looking outside at the remainder of what nearly amounted to 18 inches of snow. For those of you who live in areas where this is normal, it may not sound like that big a deal. But for Northern Virginia? Right outside DC? Utter chaos. The streets are still … Continue reading