Posted in March 2012

Carrot Cake, Take Two

Yeah, to make a simple carrot cake, that I have even made before, it took me TWO tries. Whaaa? It was one of my friend’s birthdays on Saturday, and she loved the carrot cake that I had made for Thanksgiving here – it’s just not your normal run of the mill sort of cake found … Continue reading

When Life Gives You Lemons

Not in that sense. I can’t say I have many sour days here. 🙂 Walking through the market in Santander can be very dangerous. Well, no, make that walking through ANY market can be dangerous…for me, everything looks so pretty and fresh and colorful and sometimes things just jump out at me even though I … Continue reading


As I’ve said a million times before, I love all things cinnamon-y, and snickerdoodles are no exception. I had thought about making them here in Spain quite a few times, but almost all the recipes I found had cream of tartar – something which I can’t seem to find here. Maybe it’s somewhere…or maybe it’s … Continue reading