Playing Catch-up

I have no idea what happens to time. It’s like it gets sucked into some vortex, never to be seen again. Such is its nature I suppose! I have been baking and cooking, but now have fallen so far behind, I figured I could use one post to recap and be all caught up. So here goes.

For one Friday Feast (as I like to call the Fridays when I cook), I was hankering for baked chicken. Plus, I was looking for an excuse to go to the market in Santander and ask them to butcher one up for me. Okay, it was more the latter than the former. Yay, so fun. This Lemon and Rosemary Chicken from one of my favorite blogs, via Saveur, was easy and yummy, and made for some good leftovers. I may have – as I always tend to – undersalted it a bit, but that is easily remedied.

Lemon-y, garlic-y, rosemar-y, and easy. Some of my favorite "y" words.

I also made this Zucchini Soup, even though it wasn’t the end of the summer. But when it is, I might make it again. Another easy soup, an excuse to use my hand blender (I mean, I lugged the 8 pound converter overseas, I have to use these things once in a while!), and definitely a good way to use a bounty of the summer vegetable. Oh, and also good cold.

My lame-o attempt at making it pretty. But taste is more important, right? Pretty comes second.

I made these little cinnamon breads, but for the life of me I can’t find the recipe I used. I’ll eventually come across it and add it to this post, shame, they were really good. Duh. That’s what I get for posting-procrastination.

Sigh. Apparently I couldn't manage a decent picture either. Adding these to the re-do list. Oh right, when I find the recipe.

THEN, I made these little breads. I know, I have a thing with my little bread pans, BUT, it makes it so easy to keep one and give two away, ya know?? Anyhoo. I was searching for something coffee flavored and came across these Coffee Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins. So many good things in one place, right? I know. Plus, she has a beautiful blog with beautiful pictures. I made a coffee glaze for them and everything. But I was otherwise sort of disappointed. They were lacking some oomph. Toasted, with butter, sure…but everything is good toasted with butter. Maybe I’d add a lil more coffee next time? We don’t have instant here, so I may have underdone it…I’d try them again though.

Pretty, no? I wanted to like them more. Oh, and look, my pretty little red child in the corner. That's always worth a smile.

THEN (I know, I know, I gotta do this more often), it was almost Valentines Day, which they only sorta-kinda celebrate here, in an  its-an-American-fake-holiday sort of a way? But we went out for a little V-Day dinner, me, C and two other girlfriends. I’ve never liked the day really, so we made it more about being silly. Better, no? I digress. I thought red velvet cupcakes would be appropriate, but I didn’t have enough red food coloring. So…they were more or less just chocolate cupcakes really, but that’s okay, because chocolate is good on Valentines day too. I used this recipe.

I heart sprinkles.

And THEN, I wanted to bake something but I was having fears of snarfing all the dough before it actually went into the oven (please tell me you have those days), and the only safe thing in that realm is something with bananas. I actually keep bananas here just for that reason. I don’t like anything about them…the smell, the taste, the texture…nothing. And  I had made banana bread before (but neglected to take pictures, so it’s not here…I heard it was really good though…hahahaha), so I thought these looked fun. Plus making something with brown butter is an easy solution when you haven’t softened any out of the fridge. 🙂 Anyhoo. I thought they looked a little blah on first glance, and the brown butter glaze turned into a paste (which, FYI, is not fixable by adding milk…durh), so I added chopped up walnuts and a little lemon glaze. Those looked prettier. But then finally I decided to make them into whoopie pies with some Nutella buttercream . My taste testers said those were the best ones, but still not award winning. I will say though that this Nutella buttercream was ridiculously good and what I didn’t use for the whoopie pies had to go down the sink. Me in the house with that stuff? Noooooo. Nope, no way.

I wish I liked them more, cause they're cute. But the buttercream won this round.

And that’s that. Gotta stay on top of this a little better, geez Louise, if for nothing other than to not lose the good recipes!


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