I’m Back, and with a ZEST for baking!

Okay, that was cheesy.

March? The last time I posted here was in MARCH? Good grief. Well, admittedly, I’ve had a few things going on since then. You can read all about it, but in a nutshell, I live in Spain now. I know, right??? SPAIN. And as one of my New Years Resolutions, I promised myself I would get back to baking and back to this blog on a regular basis.

Baking in Spain is a little different. Aside from the basic measurement conversions, most of which I’ve solved with my kitchen scale and by bringing back my measuring cups and spoons from the states, I haven’t quite nailed down all the ingredients. I DO know what we lack…for example, first and foremost, light brown sugar. I found a store here that sells dark brown sugar, but since I mostly use light, I’ve taken to ordering it from amazonuk. Other things…cream of tartar, fresh or frozen cranberries, canned pumpkin (YES, I know, I can make my own, it was just easier out of a can, what can I say), fresh sage, pecans, sour cream. The white chocolate here is a little different. In any case, I am finding my way and doing my best, and I treat every baking adventure like an experiment.

Today’s experiment was brought on my some crazy craving I have had for citrus flavored cakes, and after searching, oh, like six gazillion recipes, I opted for this one…primarily because I had all the ingredients on hand. And also because I haven’t yet brought back my bundt pans with me and this made a nice little recipe that could fit into three mini-loaf pans (which I did bring back!).

Yummmm,, just look at all that crunchy zesty citrusy sugar....

Verdict: DELISH. I didn’t end up making the glaze as thick as it said, and although I made the full recipe for the topping, I didn’t nearly use it all. Like Jessica says, the orange zested sugar hardens on top after they’ve sat for a bit, and it adds such nice crunchy top. I love them in these little pans and I imagine in a normal size loaf pan or, like she shows in her beautiful blog, perfect little muffins.

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It’s good to be back.


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