TWD: Honey Nut Brownies

I have always had a thing about cakey cookies…and by “thing” I mean I don’t like ’em,  I like cookies that are crispy and chewy. I guess I also have a thing with brownies too. I like the crackly top, somewhat dense, maybe fudgy and gooey kind of brownie. So, without seeing a picture of these, that is what I was expecting. Instead, these were more like cake. In fact, so much like cake that someone at the office asked me if I was the one who brought in the chocolate cake (despite my efforts to cut them up in to brownie looking pieces).

I did like the slight honey flavor, but otherwise found these sort of disappointing. If I was going to make a chocolate cake, there are way better recipes out there for it (Dorie’s got a couple!!), and if I’m going to make brownies, well…same thing. These weren’t gone from the kitchen until way late in the afternoon, so my guess is that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t love them!

Always good to try something new though!! Thanks to Suzy for hosting this week!!


7 thoughts on “TWD: Honey Nut Brownies

  1. I thought they were ok, but my husband ate quite a few of them. Mine didn’t bake up quite right. They were cakey but also gooey (but not in a good way). I love baking with honey, so it was nice to give them a try.

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