TWD: Corniest Corn Muffins

I always get very excited to see the TWD recipes for the month when they are first posted, although I had some mixed feelings about the Corniest Corn Muffins. While I loooove a good corn muffin, I think of them more as a deep in the heart of winter sort of thing, to be served with some yummy smelling stew. And well, my heart (and the local weather) is tipping the edges of springtime. Thank heavens. In fact, we are just around the corner from springing ahead and getting hours of lovely light each evening.

Anyhoo. That all changed this morning. It’s icky, pouring rain, hovering around 50ish degrees…the starts aligned and gave me the right weather for my muffins. 🙂

AND even more exciting was that it gave me an excuse to use my roommate’s grandmothers cast iron corn bread pans. Aren’t they fabulous??

These are yummy. And they will be delish with our apple chicken stew tonight!! Great pick, thanks to Jill for the recipe and to the rainy weather for putting me in the right mood to make them!


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