My Love Affair with Biscoff

I don’t generally have a whole lot of background story to most of my posts. In fact, I could generally sum them up with either “TWD” or “I was craving…” But there’s a wee bit of a story to this so here goes.

A couple years ago, I got a note saying that my USAirways frequent flyer miles were going to expire. GASP. I still hate that they can do that, just yank your hard earned miles out from underneath you. I probably had gotten a few (dozen?) emails to alert me, and I’m sure that I deleted all of them until finally I only had a week do SOMEthing to save them. Well, in the email, it highlighted that I could simply “click here” and associate my miles to a purchase of Biscoff cookies. I LOVE Biscoff cookies. LOVE them. If you’ve been lucky enough to have them (does any airline still serve them even???), you know this, but if not, they are like graham crackers but better. A little more buttery or crumbly or sweet or something. And up until that point, I didn’t even know it was possible to buy them! So POOF, with the click of a mouse, I saved my miles and shipped myself a Valentine’s tin of Biscoff (which ended up getting gifted to my roommate, which allowed them to stay in the house without me actually  having to say I bought a tin-ful of Biscoff).

Fast forward a bit. Every year I bake something for my roommate for her birthday. She is a big fan of bread pudding, so we’ve had a couple years in a row. Which is okay, but never really my favorite (not that that’s the point, I understand). This year however, she requested that I bake something using Biscoff cookies (lucky me!!), so I ordered, um, a lot (in case I had any trial and error, or, uh, something like that) and spent a little time brainstorming what I would make.

What I decided on was a Key Lime Ice Cream Pie. I could use the Biscoff as part of the crust and maybe some decoration, and use an old favorite Cooking Light ice cream recipe that was super easy to whip up and utterly delish. We had it last night and if I don’t mind saying so myself, it was AWESOME. Dinner party worthy. Impossible to think about just waiting for me in the freezer. It was tangy, yummy, limey deliciousness on a buttery, coconutty, Biscoff-y good crust.

Key Lime Ice Cream Pie

Ice Cream – I used this recipe, but left out the final “mix-in” of graham crackers.

 Biscoff Crust

  • Generous 1 ½ cups crushed (to graham cracker crumb consistency) Biscoff cookies
  • About 5 TBS melted butter
  • 1 TBS sugar
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • About 1 cup of sweetened flaked coconut
  1. Mix all of the above together.
  2. Press into a 9 inch spring form pan coated with cooking spray.
  3. Bake at 350 for 8 minutes.
  4. Remove and cool completely.

 While the crust was cooling, I made the ice cream. Takes no time to stir it together, and only 30 minutes in my Cusinart ice cream maker. While the ice cream is nice and soft, spread it over the cooled crust. Cover with plastic wrap (lay the plastic right on the ice cream to prevent any icing) and freeze for at least two hours. Remove and let sit about 10 minutes before serving. Decorate with some more crushed Biscoff if desired!


One thought on “My Love Affair with Biscoff

  1. I LOVE biscoff! They are actually pretty close to a Belgian speculaas cookie, which I have loved since visiting Belgium as an exchange student in the early 90s. I have wondered how they do in recipes, and now I know. Your ice cream pie looks great.

    I don’t know if you have Walgreen’s drugstores near you, but for some strange reason, I can buy them there.

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