I had a craving…

Ever have one of those really strange cravings, and you’re not really sure where it came from, but you can’t get it out of your head? That’s what happened to me the other night. I couldn’t stop thinking about cranberry pecan bread…not quick bread/sweet bread, but rather that baguette style that the wine bars always seem to have (actually so does my Harris Teeter…) and really, incredibly sharp and crumbly white cheddar cheese. See? Where on earth would I get that? The mind is a funny thing.

In any case, if this has ever been you, you may also realize that once it’s already 6 o’clock at night, it isn’t necessarily possible to whip up the object of your cravings. For me this meant that I didn’t really see a homemade yeast bread in my immediate future. Sad. I did a search though and I came across this from At the Bakers Bench.  Not exactly a quick bread (the loaf style that always comes to mind when you see “quick bread”) and not quite the yeast bread I had a hankering for, but something sort of in between. And something sort of VERY possible to whip up in just a matter of moments. And so I did!

Since it wasn’t really the exact bread I had in mind, I skipped the cheddar cheese and pledged that I would get back to that whole thing some other time. What did come out was a super delicious, SUPER easy, slightly sweet (but not too sweet) moist and chewy Cranberry Pecan Irish Soda Bread. I followed the recipe exactly, just added a handful of chopped and toasted pecans along with the dried cranberries. Yummy on the day, and delish toasted with butter for a couple days after.

And I took care of my original craving last night at the wine bar. Sometimes it’s just easier. 🙂


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