Happy Birthday Dorie! This is some fabulous bread…

I have had a busy few weeks, and every time I’ve passed by Dorie Greenspan’s new book on my counter, it stares up at me longingly, practically begging for me to open up to one of the gazillion pages I have tagged (I did that right away, of course). Finally, the day is here, and it is time to celebrate Dorie’s birthday with some Savory Cheese and Chive bread.

The recipe itself couldn’t have been any easier, and man oh man did it make the house smell good. The only slightly time consuming part is grating and dicing up the cheese (I used four ounces of Gruyere and two ounces of cheddar), which is really pretty minimal. I love making mini loaves – they are easy to freeze, people can taste without committing to a whole slice if they are not sure what it is (although, they will no doubt go back in for more once they’ve had it…), and plus, well, they’re just cute. I made three out of this recipe – the cooking time came down to about 30 minutes. And yes, they are delish…cheesy and salty and would be perfect with chili or some hearty winter soup.

I’m having some girls over tonight for wine and munchies, this will be a fabulous addition and I’m sure will get rave reviews!! Thanks Dorie, for a wonderful introduction to your new book – I can’t wait to have at the rest of it.

To see just how much the rest of the blogosphere loves Dorie Greenspan, check out Tuesdays with Dorie, French Friday’s with Dorie, and for SURE take a peek at Holly’s (the mastermind behind this celebration!) magnificent blog.


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dorie! This is some fabulous bread…

  1. I love your idea to make mini loaves. I have three mini pans, so it’s great to know that this recipe makes that many. Have fun with your friends!

  2. This bread sounds divine! It is one of the first recipes that I thought “I must make this soon!” Thanks for the reminder and for confirming it’s yummy!

  3. Wow this bread will be good and I’ll bet you have some gougères in the freezer too. Yay for birthday’s. This was so fun!
    I get the talking cookbook thing. Mine whines a lot…. he he

  4. Thank you, thank you for making a part of my fabulous birthday party. I’m so happy you liked the cheese and chive bread — I love that you made minis.

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