TWD: Tarte Fine

What’s not to love about a super easy recipe that combines all-butter puff pastry and apples?!

I will say the only downside is that it reeeeally doesn’t keep. At all. When Dorie says serve within an hour of taking it out of the oven, she really means it! So whereas our first taste of it last night was delish, today (after a few pictures) the rest of it ended up heading striaight to dessert heaven.

Check out Leslie’s super cute blog for the recipe! Looking forward to hosting next week and for a month full of fabulous fall yummies!


2 thoughts on “TWD: Tarte Fine

  1. What a beautiful apple tart! I took mine to work so we wouldn’t be overly tempted, and it didn’t even have a chance to cool before it was gone (big office).

    You are going to love hosting. It’s been so much fun to visit everyone and see how they liked it (and I haven’t made your pick yet but it’s getting rave reviews on Twitter). Enjoy your week! And thanks for baking with me this week!

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