Welcome to Fall

My first fall food showed up in my CSA bag last week in the form of butternut squash. Though I will be sad to see an end to the beautiful tomatoes and summer squash, I welcome the fall share with open arms and only have 8 short weeks to enjoy it! Therefore, I must make the most of every little thing I get. This week, it was in the form of butternut squash risotto.

After my normal search I opted to follow a recipe based on Ina Garten’s, with very few changes (only to leave out the saffron, which I didn’t have on hand) but to cut it right in half. I also added some crispy sage by tossing in some fresh sage leaves to the squash for about the last three minutes. It was delish and a perfect way to welcome the season.

Dessert was my Dorie Greenspan’s Tarte Fine, our Tuesdays with Dorie recipe for this week. More to come on that tomorrow!


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