Cinna-Butter Nut Chewies

It was a typical Fridaynight…nothing too exciting going on, I was tired from the week, and all I really wanted to do was have a glass of wine and catch up on my DVR’d shows from the week. Oh, and bake. 🙂 I stockpile recipes and file favorites online like CRAZY. There are clearly more than I’d ever have time to make and it’s always a terribly tough decision because there are just tooooo many good options.

But last night I opted for inspiration from Rosy at The Nesting Project. Her recipe sounded just like what I was looking for! You can find it on her site, the only changes I made were to 1) toast the pecans first, 2) up the cinnamon to more like 3 teaspoons (yes, I am a cinnamon freak!), and 3) (to add to my cinnamon freakiness) added in a big handful of mini cinnamon chips. Deeeeelish and a perfect Friday night baking experience!


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