Posted in September 2010

TWD: Tarte Fine

What’s not to love about a super easy recipe that combines all-butter puff pastry and apples?! I will say the only downside is that it reeeeally doesn’t keep. At all. When Dorie says serve within an hour of taking it out of the oven, she really means it! So whereas our first taste of it … Continue reading

Welcome to Fall

My first fall food showed up in my CSA bag last week in the form of butternut squash. Though I will be sad to see an end to the beautiful tomatoes and summer squash, I welcome the fall share with open arms and only have 8 short weeks to enjoy it! Therefore, I must make … Continue reading

Cinna-Butter Nut Chewies

It was a typical Fridaynight…nothing too exciting going on, I was tired from the week, and all I really wanted to do was have a glass of wine and catch up on my DVR’d shows from the week. Oh, and bake. 🙂 I stockpile recipes and file favorites online like CRAZY. There are clearly more … Continue reading

TWD: Coffee Break Muffins

I am already planning to make these again. 🙂 So super easy, a delicious coffee flavor (and cinnamon too as I may have OD’d a little on the cinnamon addition…yummm), perfectly and not overly sweet. Thanks, Rhiani for a fabulous choice!


I’ve been back now for just about a week from 17 fabulous days spent galavanting all over Spain. Just thought I’d post a few shots of the highlights (which always include food, of course). Looking forward to actually getting back into the kitchen and shaking off this Spanish Food Baby that grew while I was … Continue reading