TWD: Espresso Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

Espresso. Chocolate. Shortbread Cookies. What’s not to love, right? By the time this is posted, I will be in the early days of a lovely couple weeks in Spain. But I could not resist this recipe because, well, how can you resist ANY of those things much less ALL of them in combination??

Like Dorie’s other shortbreads, these were easy to make and the method of rolling them out in a plastic bag is pure genius! Easy to cut into perfect little squares and it doesn’t take long (avoiding previous struggles I’ve had with the dough softening up…and then spreeeeeaaading in the oven!).

So…truth be told, I LIKED them, but I didn’t LOVE them. My roommate came home and saw them and said “WHAT did you MAKE?” My response? “I reformulated a few sticks of butter to look like cookies.” Could there be such a thing as too buttery? Gosh, Paula Dean would kill me. But these may have been just a little bit too rich, even for me, the lover of all things in this recipe title.

Always happy to try new (and particularly simple) recipes though, and I am quite sure that if Donna had not chosen these, I wouuld have, at some point, had to try them anyway! Off for a couple weeks and looking forward to some early fall baking when I get back!


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