Posted in July 2010

TWD: Chewy, Chunky Blondies

I heart blondies. Me and them? We see eye to eye. We get along. It’s love-love. I made these and took them with me to the beach for a bachelorette party and somehow, in the massive piles of food that got stacked up on the kitchen counter, they got  buried. That is, until 3am when … Continue reading

TWD: Lots of Ways Banana Cake

I don’t like bananas. I know, that might make me weird, but I just don’t like them…in fact periodically, I will try one again just in case I was wrong the first hundred times (I do this with olives too), but it turns out that I never am. I am not alone, I realize there … Continue reading

TWD: Brrrr-ownies

When I read this recipe, it sort of screamed winter/Christmas time to me – I always associate chocolate minty things with that time of year. So instead I swapped out chopped up Almond Joy bars, which sort of warrants a name change, seeing as the “brrrr” was no longer a part of the finished product. … Continue reading