I don’t really know what started my recent fixation on ceviche – you’d think perhaps it had something to do with the rash of Cinco de Mayo related posts and recipes that I’ve seen, but it started way before that.Per my usual, I probably read about two hundred different takes on how to actually make it, all seemingly variations on the same thing: let some fresh fish “cook” in citrus and add a bunch of other stuff that you think would taste good. So that is pretty much what I did!

Along with some wine and some fresh baked corn chips (I just took corn tortillas, sprayed them with Canola oil, sprinkled salt, and popped them in at 350 for 14 minutes…easy breezy), ceviche makes for a fabulous warm evening dinner. The only chore in it all was juicing all the citrus – maybe good for the arms, but if I make a habit of this, I am SO getting myself a juicer (oh, how easy it is for me to make excuses to buy kitchen appliances…).



  • 1 lb very fresh fish (halibut, salmon, shrimp, scallops, tilapia…I used sole this time), sliced against the grain into small pieces
  • Any mixed variety of crunchy veggies – I diced up about a quarter of a red onion, one red pepper, half a seedless cucumber, and about 4 roma tomatoes (you could add in jalapenos, radishes, green onions, even toasted almonds or pine nuts)
  • Sea/Kosher salt to taste – use a generous amount
  • Four parts citrus to one part water to cover all the ingredients – I used limes and grapefruit to balance sour and sweet (16 small limes and four grapefruit!)

Mix all the ingredients together and let sit refrigerated for at least 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Time may vary based on the size of the cuts of fish or the strength of the acid, but you will be able to see it turning opaque, so just let your gut guide you!

I will say, it was a little more tart than I expected…next time perhaps I may add a dash of sugar for some balance. Adding some extra salt seemed to help too.

This capped off a lovely day of some gardening as well, had to include a few shots of that too!


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