TWD: Chockablock Cookies

This weekend I had the pleasure of having my mom in town for a visit. We had a marvelous time – did dinner and a show Friday night (for anyone in the DC area, I would highly recommend Little Shop of Horrors), and tooled around for much of the day on Saturday doing the Georgetown House Tour and a little bit of local shopping. It was lovely. We decided to start Saturday night with some wine and cheese and crackers…which turned into our dinner (always a good option in my book). So it only seemed fitting that I would whip up some sort of dessert. I figured that I’d be making these cookies this week anyway, so I could make the dough, pop a batch in for us, and make the rest the following day.

I took a break last week from TWD because hands down, I am a lousy biscuit maker. Everyone’s looked really good though…but I have tried several times and just can’t seem to get the hang of it, so rather than frustrate myself and highlight my weaknesses, I skipped out. Cookies, on the other hand, are right in my sweet spot. So I was very excited to try these…I mean, how could you possibly go wrong with oats and chocolate and nuts and coconut and dried cherries (my choice for the dried fruit)?? Perhaps the only way would be to find at baking time that you are slightly short on a few things…namely eggs (oops) and oats. SO. I had to sub out equal parts of egg whites (yes, from a container), and I was about 3/4 cup short on the oats.

I couldn’t decide if the batch I made Saturday night came out how they were supposed to, and was chalking it up to my impromptu swap-outs  – I didn’t read until afterwards that other people were also saying their cookies didn’t spread at all. The flavor was good – not overly sweet, I do like molasses so that was a nice touch. But I thought maybe I would like them better in bar form? So the following day, I pressed the rest of the dough in an 8X8 pan and baked them up for about 25 minutes. And I think I was right.

You can find the recipe and Mary’s awesome variations here.


10 thoughts on “TWD: Chockablock Cookies

  1. Brilliant idea to make it in a bar form…and I am totally taken in by the giant chunks of chocolate. Nice take on the recipe and thanks for baking along with me.

  2. Lynne,

    Your pictures make my mouth water. Since I’ve returned to weight watchers, I shouldn’t even check out Honey Muffin!
    But maybe I can get my chocolate vicariously!

    Your mom said you had a great visit.

    I hope your birthday was wonderful!

    Love, Aunt Judy

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