TWD: Swedish Visiting Cake

Three words: Easiest. Cake. Ever.

Seriously, I read on other blogs about recipes that are “perfect for unexpected company showing up” and I inevitably look at them and think that before I would spend what would probably take me an hour or two in the kitchen “whipping up” something while my guests sat around, I would SO send one of them down the street to Whole Foods. This, however, may be the exception.

No prep time (not even setting butter out to come to room temp since it’s melted!), you can whisk it all right up in one bowl (so, minimal mess…also key), and you likely have everything you need to make it on hand already. Perfect with tea or coffee, lovely light flavor (I did use both extracts), and a breeze to pop in the oven for less than 30 minutes.

I loved it and the test kitchen snarfed it down before 10am. Thanks to Nancy for a great choice this week.


11 thoughts on “TWD: Swedish Visiting Cake

  1. Yep, I believe this cake is quicker than running to Whole Foods, even if WF was right next door! Not to mention cheaper and probably tastier too!! Your cake is so perfect-looking; it makes me sad that ours is all gone. Thanks for baking along with me this week.

  2. It did not last long in my house either. It was such a easy cake to make that I thought it would taste like crap..boy was I wrong..this cake packs some Flavor!

  3. Your cake looks fantastic, and I’m glad that it’s test kitchen approved! I don’t know about your WF, but mine is so busy that it takes forever to get in, get out, and move on. This is a great dessert recipe to have in your arsenal, isn’t it?

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