Lime Bars

Saturday night we decided to have some folks over – a fabulous, well blended group to come over for munchies, mussels and some good wine. Obviously, dessert was in order too, and somehow (maybe the lovely spring weather?) I honed in on making something maybe lime-y or coconut-y. I did my normal foodgawker search and found these bars over at My Baking Addiction, which looked delicious, spot-on for my cravings, and sooooo very easy.

They fit the bill in every possible way! The crust was crumbly and laced with coconut, and the filling was creamy and tangy and just near perfect. The only changes I made were to bake it in a 9-inch square pan, making them slightly thicker and likely leading to a slightly longer bake time, and to use plain lime juice – for no other reason than I couldn’t find Key Lime, and didn’t want to spend my beautiful day trapsing all over looking for it.

These are definitely keepers!


One thought on “Lime Bars

  1. I’m such a sucker for the whole lime and coconut combination. I bet these bars were a perfect ending to what sounds like a lovely evening of friends, food, and wine. The bars look soooo very tasty!

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