TWD: Coconut Tea Cake

Yes, I DID put the lime in the coconut. 🙂

But, of course, I still cannot comment on the taste. It smelled delish for sure (and I love, love, love any excuse to rub citrus zest into sugar…just divine), and instead of making it into one big pan, I did two loaves so that I could bring one into work and stash one in the freezer that is currently being taken over by baked goods. 🙂

Nonetheless, despite the fact that it had competition (YES, I couldn’t believe it! Who do they think they are??) in my office kitchen from what appeared to be some very yummy banana bread, it had vanished before 11.

Oh, and apologies for the crappy picture – I was just trying to snap one shot and then wrap the darn thing up before I took a big bite out of the corner. For the recipe, check out Carmen’s blog – hers looks scrumptious!


11 thoughts on “TWD: Coconut Tea Cake

  1. I bet that the lime was so tasty in this cake. I agree, I just love the way that zest smells when you rub it with sugar. I made the mocha bundt this week because I was out of coconut milk. I love reading the posts for this cake because I’m getting some wonderful ideas. Your cake sounds wonderful!

  2. Funny – I made next weeks in a loaf! This looks great! Trust me- the loaves were great – everyone loved them at work. Not so fancy as a cake (I think they ate more too)! Nicely done – looks great!

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