TWD: Thumbrints for Us Big Guys

You know when you walk into a bakery (yes, I know, I try not to do it that often either, but if I absolutely must) and you see that one section of all those butter cookies lined up in long rows? All perfectly uniform, some are half dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, some have a little piece of cherry on them…know which ones I’m talking about? Well, I love them. I really, really love them. In sort of a dangerous way. So when I saw this week’s TWD recipe, somehow I connected it to the version of that cookie that is somewhat “thumbprint-ish” and has the chocolate on the top (I’m not big on jam on cookies anyway) and decided I would take that route with these.

I ended up using ground almonds instead of the hazlenuts, and a little dollup of chocolate on top…they looked great, smelled delicious, and the test kitchen has snarfed them all up. And I even  remembered to tuck a few away in the freezer for myself for Easter. 🙂 Oh, I should note that my first batch mostly ended up in the trash as 15 minutes proved way too long to bake, and they all browned and dried up (and I wasn’t checking on them because I was watching a DVR’d episode of Damages…woops). I cut down the baking time to 10 minutes and that seemed to work – good thing this recipe made a few batches!

Thanks to Mike from the Ugly Food Dude for a yummy choice – check out his blog for the recipe!


6 thoughts on “TWD: Thumbrints for Us Big Guys

  1. Your cookies look wonderful, and I love the bakery cookies that you referred to as well. I wish I’d baked mine a little bit less. I think you were right to go with 10 minutes.

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