Posted in March 2010

TWD: Coconut Tea Cake

Yes, I DID put the lime in the coconut. 🙂 But, of course, I still cannot comment on the taste. It smelled delish for sure (and I love, love, love any excuse to rub citrus zest into sugar…just divine), and instead of making it into one big pan, I did two loaves so that I … Continue reading

TWD: Dulce de Leche Duos

I really have one sentence to sum up my post: It’s still Lent. I love dulce de leche inspired recipes (though I’ve never made it myself, and admittedly did not break that cycle for this week’s recipe…gotta love the little Mexican market around the corner!) and making these was some form of torture. Almost worse … Continue reading

TWD: Thumbrints for Us Big Guys

You know when you walk into a bakery (yes, I know, I try not to do it that often either, but if I absolutely must) and you see that one section of all those butter cookies lined up in long rows? All perfectly uniform, some are half dipped in chocolate with sprinkles, some have a … Continue reading