TWD: My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies (AND the first thing I made with my NEW MIXER!)

I love chocolate chip cookies. I mean…who doesn’t, right? But I REALLY love them…as in, when I was growing up, my friends and I would all get together on a Friday night and make them. Truth be told I may even still do that now. But anyhoo…I don’t really have a very favorite recipe. I have ones that I go back to, or ones that I wouldn’t make again because they flopped, but I like to mix it up. The famous NYTimes cookies were out of this world; Dorie’s are much different and I loved them too. So a big thanks to Kait for a fabulous choice – you can find the recipe on her blog.

However, the MOST exciting part about this week’s recipe is that it was the first thing I made with my absolutely gorgeous, ever-so-shiny and completely hypnotic stand mixer!! I FINALLY bit the bullet after all these years of drooling and gawking every time I walked into Williams-Sonoma. I had been hoarding gift cards and all of the sudden on Friday I get this email that the one I wanted (for some reason I have been obsessed with the glass bowl) was on SALE, which was clearly a message from the baking gods that it was my time. Even thinking about it right now makes me do a little happy dance.

The cookies were delish, but I have to believe that they were EXTRA delicious and particularly pretty because I made them with my mixer…don’t you think? I might need to name her. I’ll work on that for my next post.


5 thoughts on “TWD: My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies (AND the first thing I made with my NEW MIXER!)

  1. Yeaaaaa!! Congrats on the new mixer!! I have one with the clear bowl and one with the silver bowl. I use the latter more than the former because I do not want to risk breaking the glass bowl haha.

    What color is your mixer? You should post a photo of it!!! WOOHOO!!

  2. Your cookies look great and I’m sure it was the new mixer. I think it needs a name and a blog post! I haven’t got a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe either, but I did like these.

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