Secret Cupid Cookies

I have generally been a non-believer in that Hallmark holiday coming up this weekend. And no, I’m not just being Bitter Betty single girl – seriously, even when I wasn’t single, I just wasn’t that into it. I mean, shouldn’t everyone being doing lovely and romantic things for their significant other because they want to or feel inspired to rather than when a greeting card company says it’s “the day?” I’m just sayin.

Anyhoo, we did do a fun thing at the office this year – a bunch of the ladies got together and picked names for Secret Cupid. You could do anything you want (within a certain budget) for the person whose  name you picked, and do it anytime this week. My friend whose name I picked happens to be a super fashionista, so in my effort to be creative, I decided to make these! And oh my goodness do I have such enormous amounts of respect and envy for all those bakers who do beautiful and intricate work with royal icing. It’s not easy. But it’s definitely fun!

 My new theory is that perhaps this day should be all about doing something fun and nice and creative for your friends!


One thought on “Secret Cupid Cookies

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