TWD: Coco-Nana Bread

Even though I have the book at home, when I first read about our monthly TWD recipes I Google them – for two reasons, really. One is to run through the recipe and check the list of ingredients in case there is anything I have to pick up, the other is to see reviews. Especially if it’s before the P&Q’s are posted, inevitably there is a food blogger (or many) who have already made these goodies and have some wisdom and insight.

So going into this week’s recipe, chosen by Steph, I was a little concerned. The reviews I had seen weren’t so great, and on top of that? I don’t like bananas. I know it’s odd. And no, it’s not a texture thing (although having to mash two bananas almost put me over the edge…), it’s really the flavor of banana that I don’t like. Nevertheless, I marched on! All in all I will say that it wasn’t too bad – maybe a bit on the dry side, though nothing that couldn’t be remedied by slapping a little butter on it, and it definitely smells good. It seems to be disappearing from the “test kitchen” pretty quickly, but I’m also fairly sure I could make brownies out of dog food and they’d disappear as well. It would be my little Ally McBeal moment. One day. 🙂

Looking forward to February’s recipes – some of those have definitely been on my list.


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