A Sea of Spritz Cookies

And on top of that, my hundredth post! Wow. Took me a while!

I got home to my parents’ for Christmas on Thursday, and was faced with a whole open afternoon. What better way to spend it than to mess up someone else’s kitchen! I had been meaning to do spritz cookies this year and never got around to it (along with my Christmas cards…woops), so I was happy as a clam to bust out mom’s cookie press and have at it. There’s something so satisfying about creating perfect, uniform little shapes – I just love it.

I used a recipe that called for powdered sugar instead of granulated – I think it made the cookies just a bit more, oh, “pillowy” maybe? Still a nice sweet taste and slightly softer than the others. A quick 5 minutes in the oven is all they need.

There are SO many spritz recipes out there, you might try  this one or this one or this one…or search for more!


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