A Perfectly Simple Party Appetizer

Winter is officially here. I can tell by looking outside at the remainder of what nearly amounted to 18 inches of snow. For those of you who live in areas where this is normal, it may not sound like that big a deal. But for Northern Virginia? Right outside DC? Utter chaos. The streets are still a disaster, some of the smaller ones not even scheduled to be plowed for the first time until four days after the snow stopped. And street parking? Oh, I can’t even go into it.

Needless to say, this is NOT a regular occurence here, so it figures that it would fall on the very day of our Holiday Cocktail party. A party we’ve had for many years now, that people look  forward to and start asking about even as early as October! More than 50 people had accepted, the possibility was still out there for up to 20 more. But no. Down it came, in buckets, for a whole 24 hours. Thankfully, we have some AMAZING die hard friends who managed to either walk or plow their 4WD vehicles through the snow – we ended up with over a dozen, and a most fabulous time was had by all.

We cut back on much of the food (though I won’t even mention how many empty wine bottles I recycled the next day…woooops), but kept in a new, simple delish recipe for these tomatoes.

No real recipe, just follow something along these lines: 1) hull out a handful of cherry tomatoes, 2) mix about a half a block of cream cheese, maybe 2 TBS pesto (we used store bought from Trader Joes), and maybe 2 TBS grated mixed cheese (we used a three cheese Asiago blend), 3) put the mixture in a piping bag, and 4) pipe away into the tomatoes. Easy breezy, delish, hardly any fancy prep, and they were a big hit.

We’ll keep the recipe for next year. Or the next party we throw…I mean, what else are we going to do with all this liquor??


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