TWD: Sables

Oh, if ONLY my baked goods came out looking as pretty and perfect as the pictures in the book.

This week Barbara from Bungalow Barbara selected Sables – a lovely buttery cookie that seems to have endless decorating and flavoring combinations. I decided to just stick to the basics, one half rolled in clear sugar crystals, the other in green for the holidays. Apparently I don’t have any idea how big a half inch is because the first roll I sliced a wee bit too thin, and they all sorta spread a little and browned up a bit. So the next set I made sure to cut thicker – they looked much better than the first half, but still not the perfect round, stacked circles that Dorie has in the book. From the side they were more of a, well, trapezoid (as you can see)?

No worries, they still tasted pretty good. I liked Barbara’s tips for making them perfectly round. Not sure if I will tackle these again (something tells me I’m more of a drop cookie girl), but should I roll and slice, that will be very helpful!


4 thoughts on “TWD: Sables

  1. Thank you for baking along with me this week!

    Love the green and white sugar! Mine spread out like yours did when baking. They were round, but sort of cone-shaped viewed from the side. Hey, still good!

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