TWD: Sweet Potato Biscuits

I have one word for this one: FLOP! But far be it for me not to post my failed baking attempts…I even tried this twice. And for some reason that makes me LAUGH. Even looking at my pictures makes me laugh. Oh well.


I was about to bake, and realized that I didn’t have canned sweet potatoes (I hadn’t looked at the recipe, but figured since I had whole ones that would cut it). Instead, when I saw that it called for canned sweet potatoes, I thought canned pumpkin might be a good stand in…which it probably could have been if I hadn’t added WAY too much. (I suppose it also would have helped to have actually read the intro to the recipe in Dorie’s book!) So, 18 minutes later, I had browned bottoms and gooey insides. HMPH.


SO, then I read the intro…and quickly nuked and mashed up a sweet potato to try this again. This time the dough looked much more like I would have expected, but 15 minutes later I opened the oven door to find something resembling hockey pucks. HMPH again. Not sure what I did, but I would venture to say I overworked the dough trying to incorporate the mashed sweet potoato.

Maybe if I sandwich them with some cream cheese frosting? 🙂


3 thoughts on “TWD: Sweet Potato Biscuits

  1. Mine were a flop, too, and I guarentee they look much less like biscuits than yours. A lot of people seem to have had a problem with these, which makes me perversely good. 🙂

  2. Mine also failed. Flat and flaky hockey pucks. I used canned and they were tasteless. Ah, Well.

    Sometimes we win and sometimes…..

    Ditto On Melissa’s statement.

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