TWD: Flaky Apple Turnovers

I’ve been home from my fabulous trip to Africa for exactly one week and two days, plenty of time  to get my head back in the game, right? But ugh, it’s such a struggle. I am definitely making progress – last week I sat staring for long periods of time (gosh, I hope no one from my office reads this), alternating between my computer screen and the lovely Marriott outside the window. Thankfully, I haven’t quite caught up with everybody yet, so usuallyonce a day I get to recount the utter loveliness of our lodges, the surreal wildlife encounters, and the complete perfection of the middle-of-the-day period of time, where I sat on a comfy chair writing in my journal, listening to the crazy sounds of the hippos in the river in front of me, seeing the warthogs and kudu coming to drink from the river, and periodically having to get up to go inside as some of the elephants wandered by my tent. Sigh.


How easily I digress! Back to business. I AM happy to be back to baking, and was delighted by this week’s recipe picked by Julie from Someone’s in the Kitchen. I am generally pretty lousy at the whole roll out and cut thing – I stay away from most things that require me to do this, as I clearly can’t find the right balance between just cold enough dough and gooey sticky disaster. And I’d be lying if I didn’t, for just a moment, entertain the idea of using puff pastry. But YUM, I am so glad I didn’t!


I halved the recipe, still struggled with my sticky dough and managed to squeeze 7 not-so-cute looking turnovers into the oven last night. Looks aside, these were the bomb. The pastry crust was SO good, and they actually browned and puffed up much nicer than I thought. I will definitely bookmark this, and would even consider Round 2 of Dough vs. Lynne. Someday.


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