Quick and Deeeeelish Cupcakes

When I have to ask for favors at work, I generally put on my best sweet and smiley face and follow up my request with something along the lines of  “Pleeeease, I’ll be your best friend” (that hasn’t ever really been too impactful) or “I’ll buy ya a glass of wine…” or sometimes, with more success, “I’ll bake you cookies?” This time before I even had the chance, my friend said “Sure, happy to help, will this get me some cupcakes?” Ummmmm…SURE. 🙂


So, I hadn’t been entirely prompt fulfilling my end of the deal, and was reminded of that again yesterday (well, okay, I’ve been reminded a few times). The difference this time was that today was aforementioned friend’s birthday. Sigh. Time to pay up. I don’t really have a go-to cupcake recipe – in fact, more often than not, I find myself disappointed by them. After searching blogs for an easy recipe, I came across this one from Cate at Cate’s World Kitchen. Technically, this was for a cake, but it looked yummy and simple as can be, and I figured it would work for cupcakes too.


Deeeeeelish. Couldn’t have been easier or quicker, the cake was moist and had a lovely vanilla flavor, and the frosting was perfectly pipe-able (say that ten times fast!).  This one is a keeper.


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