TWD: Brownie Buttons

It has been really hot here. Like HOT hot…frizzy hair days where you don’t stop sweating after you leave the gym for like 3 hours, and the steam from the shower makes you feel worse instead of better. Thankfully, we’ve been spoiled for most of the summer, and part of the reason this feels so terrible is because we just aren’t used to it.

In any case, flipping on the oven isn’t something that sounds so appealing. Luckily, this weeks Tuesdays with Dorie recipe, Brownie Buttons, chosen by Jayma was super easy and super quick – something you could whip up in a heartbeat if you needed to take some goodies to a party or were just having a little chocolate fix.

I followed the recipe exactly, until when I went to chop up my white chocolate, I realized it was a white chocolate bar with coconut. No worries…I do love coconut, and actually thought it would go well with the chocolate and orange. The only downside was that it didn’t melt quite as perfect as the regular kind, so I wouldn’t say these were my most photogenic brownies ever. But I really liked them!



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