TWD: Vanilla Ice Cream

Nothing could be wrong about an excuse to make ice cream in the summer! Actually, who am I kidding, I really don’t need an excuse.


This week’s recipe, chosen by Lynne (power to the Lynnes with an “e”!) at Cafe Lynnylu, was Vanilla Ice Cream. Now this is great for so many reasons, the biggest one being it’s like a blank slate – you can pretty much take it and make it into whatever you want with a million options for additions. I toyed with them all for a while, until I decided – I won’t mess with the ice cream itself, I will (inspired by a picture of David Lebowitz’) mess with the vessel! And therefore, used this as an opportunity to test out these cookies, which have been in my recipe file for months.


The ice cream itself had a nice vanilla flavor, and stayed good and creamy in the freezer (something I don’t always have luck with!). I’ll be honest and admit I don’t love the process of cooking the eggs and tempering, etc. – I am usually convinced I’ll end up with scrambled egg ice cream – but once in a while it won’t kill me!


6 thoughts on “TWD: Vanilla Ice Cream

  1. looks good! lol i think you’re the only one who stuck to plain vanilla for this week’s recipe – and looks like it made awesome sandwiches! mmmmm

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