Posted in July 2009

TWD: Vanilla Ice Cream

Nothing could be wrong about an excuse to make ice cream in the summer! Actually, who am I kidding, I really don’t need an excuse. This week’s recipe, chosen by Lynne (power to the Lynnes with an “e”!) at Cafe Lynnylu, was Vanilla Ice Cream. Now this is great for so many reasons, the biggest … Continue reading

New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay, so I FINALLY took my turn. After reading about them and drooling over pictures for months, I thought it was about time I give these things a go. I mean, it’s not like they are any more difficult than your average cookie – the ingredients are a little harder to come by, and you’ve … Continue reading

Cherry Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

  After passing by them a dozen times in the grocery store, I finally caved and bought an utterly scrumptious bag of fresh cherries. But, have you seen those bags? They are huge! Aside from just popping them plain, plump and juicy, right into my mouth (made easier courtesy of my new favorite kitchen tool) … Continue reading

Perhaps the Most Perfect Dinner

Caprese salad made with fresh basil, garden ripe tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Grilled asparagus. Lovely savignon blanc. Rhubarb crisp. REALLY now…is there anything better on a warm summer night?? I can’t think of a thing. The rhubarb crisp was simple: 2 cups of sliced rhubarb tossed with 1/3 cup of sugar and the juice of … Continue reading

TWD: Katharine Hepburn Brownies

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was not only supremely scrumptious and ridiculously easy…but I decided to give it some purpose as well. Normally I bring in my goodies to the official test kitchen (aka my coworkers) to be devoured in moments for breakfast. This time, my roommate packaged them up with some other cookies … Continue reading