TWD: Honey Peach Ice Cream

I will start off by saying that yes, I did do some swapping out in this recipe…but here’s why. See, when I bake things that I know are in the category of, let’s just call it “Rear Expansion,” then I know I can bring them into the office and remove the temptation from my kitchen (while at the same time providing everyone a sugar-filled breakfast…seriously, it never ceases to amaze me what people will eat before 10am). But carting ice cream in? Well, it’s just not that easy…and then I’m left with a talking container of ice cream that lures me in, and generally ends up with me having to wash it all down the sink. Which is sort of a bummer.


On top of that, I am still pretty enamored with the Blackberry Frozen Yogurt I made last week – I really loved the tangy creamy thing going on with the Greek yogurt. So, I basically exchanged the milk and cream for yogurt instead. I still boiled the honey and peaches and kept the same amount of sugar (although I ran short at the last minute and swapped out 1/4 cup of sugar for 2 TBS of corn syrup) and vanilla.

Overall I really enjoyed the taste and right out of the ice cream maker, the texture was perfect – the only problem was that it froze up solid in the freezer!  I might try some raspberry liquer next time to keep it soft (I’d go for the peach shnapps, but that carries some bad college memories for me…hahaha). Thanks to Tommi at The Brown Interior for making a great choice this week!


4 thoughts on “TWD: Honey Peach Ice Cream

  1. i also bring in my treats for coworkers and i\’m glad about the ice cream warning bc i thought they would eat it before it melted! i also have the same consideration about leaving out cream cheese frosted cakes, etc. (especially now in the summer time bc i\’m afraid of spoiling). how do you work around that? leave the frosted treats out for only a few hours?

    what recipe have your coworkers raved about? i\’d say my blondies went the fastest. ; p

  2. Tianne – Thanks! I use a regular ole Cuisinart electric one! The kind you can find for $49.99 at Williams Sonoma. Love it.

    Sweetie – The folks in my office are vultures…goodies disappear off the kitchen counter in less than two hours, I swear! I’ll have to check out your blondies…variety of tastes in the office, so I think everyone has their own favorites!

  3. My co-workers are ravenous beasts, too, so I do the same thing with my baking treats. I just joined TWD a few weeks ago, and I’m checking out some of the blogs involved. Your site looks beautiful! I loved this ice cream, but I think I’ll try it with the yogurt next time, for the same reasons you did. Did you sub it in equal amounts? Also, I put in a tsp of vodka, and the ice cream was perfect. It was as scoopable as the store bought kind, but a lot tastier. Flavoured alcohol would be great, but if you don’t have it vodka works in a pinch.

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