Blackberry Ginger Frozen Yogurt…and a beautiful spring weekend


So June has finally arrived and with it, the typical late spring/early summer weather that descends upon the Greater DC area. Typical, in this case, means we get a few completely stunning days (usually during the week, by the way) of sunny weather and low humidity which leads into bouts of rain that last for days…and then before we are all ready, the muggy unmoving heat and humidity settles in.

IMG_1285We had been through a soaking spell until Saturday, when low and behold, the sun actually came out. And when it does, so does EVERYone else. The farmers market buzzes, the bike paths resemble rush hour on the beltway, and all the park benches are full of barefooted folks, book on their lap, coffee in their hand, and Blackberry by their side (hey, it’s DC). I had simply a delightful day, snatching up all sorts of fresh goodies and flowers, and as the weather carried through today, thought I would round out my weekend by the seasonal breaking in of my ice cream maker.

I zoned in on David Lebowitz’s recipe for Blueberry Frozen Yogurt, but with some adaptations. I had a load of frozen (oringinally fresh) blackberries to work with instead, and worked in some dark chocolate and candied ginger. All I can say is that I hereby declare myself Frozen Yogurt Queen of the World…it was that good. Okay, so…I don’t really deserve that title, I suppose David Lebowitz does, and all I earned is a pat on the back. But I’ll take it! I put the ice cream tub right back in the freezer for another round…oh the options!!

Blackberry Frozen Yogurt with Ginger and Dark Chocolate

Adapted from David Lebowitz

  • 3 cups 2% Greek Yogurt (Fage worked great)
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 ½ cups fresh blackberries
  • 3 ½ ounces chopped dark chocolate
  • 1 rounded TBS finely chopped crystallized ginger

Mix yogurt, sugar and vanilla, and chill. Puree blackberries in your food processor, press out seeds through a fine sieve and refrigerate. Combine and freeze in your ice cream maker according to directions. In the last five minutes, add the chocolate and ginger. Put in a freezer proof container and line the top with plastic wrap to prevent icing.

Oh  yes, and a few from the weekend…





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