TWD: Fresh Mango Bread

So glad to be back at TWD after two weeks off! And EXTRA happy for these next two recipes…I love IMG_0944amangos and would eat them more, if only they weren’t sort of a mess to prepare (though Trader Joe’s has a great frozen mango mix with berries that is delish). Last month my mother recieved some lovely mangos and papayas from Harry and David, and asked me what she could make with them – I passed along this recipe and she said it was great, so I was even more excited to give it a try.

I did make a few minor tweaks – I don’t do raisins, so I subbed dried cherries, I zested a whole lime, and since I am a fan of both ginger and cinnamon, I was very generous with both. I tented my bread about an hour into it – I had read comments that it might look done, but to let it keep going, so I did. Turned out really yummy…I especially loved that sort of crisp crust it had on it. And, by test kitchen standards, it was wiped down to a mess of crumbs within an hour.

Thanks to Kelly for choosing this one, and looking forward to the cookie/brownie concoction that’s coming next!IMG_0947a


9 thoughts on “TWD: Fresh Mango Bread

  1. Your bread looks great with the mango chunks visible! I love the spices in this bread and added nutmeg to the mix too! Zesting the whole lime sounds like a great idea since the lime flavor didn’t pop out in mine.

  2. Looks great. And I like the sub of cherries for raisins (eewww). And I added diced ginger. Great basic spicy loaf. Yours looks delicious.

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