Posted in May 2009

TWD: Chipster Topped Brownies

I was so looking forward to this week’s recipe because it solves a question I always have to ask myself when I am bringing goodies someplace: to cookie? or to brownie? Perhaps I have a recipe that would keep both the brownie and cookie fans in the crowd happy! I must admit though, in reading … Continue reading

Cookies for the Boat: Chewy Butterscotch Grahams

Once again this Memorial Day weekend, I am headed out on a sailboat – this time for three days and two nights (fingers crossed for good weather!!). Aside from the normal grocery shopping, I, of course, have to bring a goodie…now, I thought it would make total sense if I could make next week’s Tuesdays with … Continue reading

TWD: Fresh Mango Bread

So glad to be back at TWD after two weeks off! And EXTRA happy for these next two recipes…I love mangos and would eat them more, if only they weren’t sort of a mess to prepare (though Trader Joe’s has a great frozen mango mix with berries that is delish). Last month my mother recieved … Continue reading

Coconut Almond Chocolate Macaroons

So the Lemon Coconut Pixies that I took to the shrimp boil (renamed Lemon Coconut Crack Cookies by one of the recipients) were a huge hit…but I had neglected a key piece of info about one of the hosts! She has been eating gluten-free for the last two years, and, well, those delicious cookies didn’t fit … Continue reading

Scones Part I: Snickerdoodle Scones

I was home a couple of weeks ago, and my mother was telling me how she and her friend loved the blueberry scones from Panera Bread. As soon as she said that, my baker wheels started turning – Mother’s Day was coming up, I figured scones would be something I could tackle (and ship easily!), … Continue reading

“I Might Eat It All” Coffee Cake

Ever taste something and think to yourself, “I think I could eat this whole thing. No, really. I could. And I would actually be really happy about it???” This might fall into that category. For me, at least. I am a cinnamon addict (“Hi, my name is Lynne, and I’m a Cinnamon Addict.”), and when … Continue reading