TWD: Chocolate Cream Tart

I’ll just start off my saying that cream pies and cream tarts are not really my thing. Bananas aren’t either, so I skipped right over that TWD recipe, but I figured I would take a crack at this one since I at least like chocolate – maybe this could change my mind? And besides, it’s something new to try!


The crust actually seemed to come together very easily, and it gave me a good excuse to buy a tart pan (probably the ONLY pan I don’t have!) and give it a whirl. The filling acted a bit strange – when I put the mix back on the stove to bring to a boil, it got sort of thick and scary. So I took it off, added in the chocolate, and ended up mixing it for a few minutes with my hand mixer – after that it seemed at least to achieve the right consistency. But having nothing to compare it to, I wasn’t entirely convinced I hadn’t blown it.


So in the end…I will be honest. I had to at least try it – and you know what, it was actually pretty good! I don’t think I’m a complete convert, I won’t be ordering it on a menu anytime soon and will likely not be making it again in the near future…but if someone makes a special request, I know which recipe I will use. I am SURE that the test kitchen will devour it for breakfast.


5 thoughts on “TWD: Chocolate Cream Tart

  1. Your filling looks PERFECT, just a wonderful consistency! I’m glad you liked this one and found a good recipe for a cream pie if you ever need one!

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