A Failed and Rescued Brownie Experiment

I might be slightly old fashioned, but my go-to-baking pans are just that – pans! I do have some silicone ones, but I reach for them more for fun colors and shapes than anything else. Well, my roommate pulled out  my mini-square silicone baking pan (I feel strange even calling it a pan!) and was going to make some simple little brownies to bring to friends on Easter Day.

Somehow, this went slightly wrong. I think perhaps they were a wee bit underbaked, but those things weren’t comin’ out of those squares come hell or high water. But as I was standing there trying to invert and squeeze and push them out, I had a thought…I’ll start rolling them into balls, and follow the lead of some other brilliant bloggers (like this one). If they can do it with cake and frosting, surely I could do it with slightly undercooked brownies!



That was my first little Easter treat inspiration. Now that it’s FINALLY not Lent anymore, I added a few more things to the oven as well. More posts to come!!


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