TWD: Coconut Butter Thins


Jayne from Barefoot Kitchen Witch (who has a great blog and always has such descriptive and marvelous pictures!!) picked this weeks TWD recipe, Coconut Butter Thins. I am a big shortbread and butter cookie fan – remember that blue tin with the stacks of cookies in the white paper? The ones shaped like pretzels with the coarse sugar on the top were my favorite…my gosh, I could wipe out a whole tin of those. YUM. But I digress.

These were super easy to pull together – I found the dough fit perfectly in my bag, rolled out like a charm, and slicing was a breeze. And they smelled heavenly! Somehow, though, mine sorta spread a bit…and some – in no particular pattern at all – browned up more than others even though they were all the exact same size and shape to start! Go figure.


They also seemed quite crumbly, and I was picturing them being delish all crumbled up on top of some ice cream. In any case, I can’t comment…sigh…on how they tasted, as they are boxed up and on their way to my neighbor’s.


7 thoughts on “TWD: Coconut Butter Thins

  1. Your cookies look great and I’m sorry you can’t enjoy them. My husband gave up sweets for Lent too and I’ve been putting each sweet in the freezer so he can enjoy after Easter.

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