My First Artisan Bread Recipe

After seeing nearly every bread-related blog post I looked at come from a recipe out of this book, I figured I had to bite the bullet and buy it for myself. After all, I have tackled bagels and pizza dough for strombolis, both of which were fairly successful – I figured that qualified me to try some regular bread!


SO glad I did – the process is outlined so clearly and easily! I tried the basic recipe, followed all the instructions pretty closely (at least for my first attempt…), and came out with a yummy, crusty, chewy baguette. Plus, I love the process of watching dough rise, rolling it out, forming it with flour…all very therapeutic.

The instructions are long to type out – my recommendation would just be to buy the book. OR I’m sure you can do some searching and find it on other blogs…good stuff! Plus I have a few loaves worth of dough left for new shapes and sizes and uses – so, more to come on this one!


2 thoughts on “My First Artisan Bread Recipe

  1. Aren’t you just loving this book? I bought it a few weeks ago, and so far everything has come out great – except for the bagels. I’m sure it was user error – and I am definitely going to try again.

  2. I also bought this book and am still trying to figure out if I really like the bread. It is so different than the bread I usually make. I will keep trying because it is SO EASY!!!!! Your baguette looks great.

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