“I think bagels are one of those things you’re just supposed to buy.”

That was my roommate’s comment when she saw my first completed, less than successful attempt at making bagels. HM.

It figures that it was the first day of Lent, and I should have a nagging hankering to bake. Well, that’s fine – plenty of things to bake that wouldn’t constitute sweets, right? I had been looking at all these lovely photos and posts of beautiful, perfect, “so easy to make” bagels that I thought I would give it a try, even though I’ve never even made anything with active yeast before. That might have been my first issue.


Anyhoo. I used this recipe…and had a few minor, um, issues. The first is that I don’t have a stand mixer, so I was using the dough hook for my hand mixer – not sure if that really  makes a difference (or if I’m just making yet another excuse for why I need one?), but I had to add quite a bit of extra flour to the dough in order to make it dry and not sticky. I followed everything else exactly, but never quite had a dry enough dough – and in retrospect, probably didn’t let them rise enough. So what I ended up with were very dense, chewy, salty “bagels.” The taste actually wasn’t bad – but the texture wasn’t quite bagel-esque.

Having said all that, I do not believe my roommate. I’m pretty confident that my first bagel adventure was hindered by baker error, so I will try again!


2 thoughts on ““I think bagels are one of those things you’re just supposed to buy.”

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry they didn’t turn out for you! Seriously, try the recipe that I tried. Even for someone who is frightened of yeast (me), it was a pretty easy recipe and the dough came out perfectly (though it was too cold at my house so I set them to proof into a 100F oven). I don’t have a stand mixer either, so I kneaded it by hand and it took about 13-15 min of kneading to get the dough to be smooth and elastic. The recipe I used could probably use an extra sprinkling of salt on the bagels – mine were not salty at all. I hope you make bagels again, it was totally worth it! I was so freaked out that I didn’t look into the oven until they were almost done, and then I exclaimed, “omg, they look like REAL BAGELS!” To which my husband rolled his eyes, like, *this* is what you get excited about?! LOL.

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