TWD: Devils Food Whiteout Cake

Ever since I bought the book, I have been eyeing up the cover recipe. Finally (thanks to Stephanie over at Confessions of a City Eater) I had the chance! And it happened to coincide perfectly with a friend’s birthday. The stars all lined up.


Couple notes on this one. FIRST is that clearly it is not as pretty as Dorie’s (see exhibit 1 above…haha). The OTHER one is that it took me two tries on the frosting – the first one I was a little too focused on beating the egg whites and before I knew it, my sugar syrup was letting off enormous billows of smoke that proceeded to fill up every corner of the house. Thankfully, it was nice out and I opened up the windows – but for three days following, it smelled a heck of a lot like creme brulee in there. Anyhoo, the second time worked just fine.


I really enjoyed it, as did my friend whose birthday it was. And there were raves from the test kitchen (although lots of guesses that it was just chocolate cake and Cool Whip – GASP!). See below for the 8:30am vs. 11:45 am shots…


twd-chocolate-cake-015I think cake for breakfast was popular that day. 🙂


7 thoughts on “TWD: Devils Food Whiteout Cake

  1. LOL! Cool whip – all that hard work for a guess of cool whip! Oh man, that’s not good…LOL! Anyway, great job on the cake.

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