TWD: Buttery Jam Cookies

I was really glad to read the other TWD Bakers’ reviews of these as being super quick and easy to make – very helpful as we all have a million things to do at this time of year! I opted to use a blueberry/cranberry jam because I tend to favor the berry ones over those like apricot or peach. Doing this sort of tinted the cookies an odd color – not bold, just a wee bit “off” maybe?


I did three batches – one I burned on the bottom (they went to Cookie Heaven, aka the trash), one came out a little poofy for my taste (I tend not to like cakey cookies), and the third, because I manually flattened them out about two minutes before they were done, came out the best (according to me). The flavor was actually very good of all of them, minus the burned ones, and they certainly disappeared from the kitchen quickly – but not likely I’d make them again as they don’t do much for me in presentation. An interesting exercise nonetheless, and as always, I was glad to have tried them!



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