TWD: Linzer Sables

Noskos of Living the Life chose our first December recipe – Linzer Sables. A favorite of my mother’s, I’ve had the bakery version of these but have never given them a shot myself, so I welcomed yet another (thank you TWD!) opportunity to make something for the first time.


I followed the recipe exactly, yet somehow had a little trouble with it (could be user error, of course!). But I found the dough – even after it was thoroughly refrigerated – to be very sticky and hard thanksgiving-054ato work with! The top  piece of wax paper pulled off easily, and I worked as quickly as I could, but after I cut the shapes, I had a really hard time peeling them off the bottom layer. I squeaked out barely a sheetful, re-rolled the dough and figured I’d try again. Still no luck! So I stuck with what I had.

They actually tasted quite good, with a light spice and a nice blackberry jam. Plus I got to use some new cookie cutters!



7 thoughts on “TWD: Linzer Sables

  1. I love the apple cutouts! So cute. And if you stashed away the remainder of the dough, just try lightly dusting it on both sides with flour before rolling it out – maybe they’ll come off easier. Or freeze it, that may work as well.

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