TWD: Rugelach

Oh boy it’s been a busy week! Work suddenly exploded, as it seems to do on a cyclical basis, and then I was up in NY for a fun Halloween weekend (and an obligatory stop at Billy’s Bakery for an out of this WORLD piece of coconut cake!). And then the ultimate sadness, which is why you don’t see a picture of that coconut cake here (well…it could have been because we wolfed it down so quickly, but that’s not the only reason), is that my camera broke.


So although I was so excited to tackle Dorie Greenspan’s Rugelach, chosen this week by Grace at Piggy’s Cooking Journal, I was very sad that I would have to wing it with a stand-in camera that I wasn’t used to. And my pics were sort of stinky, so I only have a couple small ones. But that seems okay too, because as I flipped through some of the other TWD bakers’ blogs, everyone’s seemed much prettier than mine!!

I followed the dough recipe exactly…the first batch rolled out VERY sticky and I had to rig up some way to lean the spatula against my stomach and scrape the dough up while I used both hands to roll the crescents (pure comedy, I was making a ginormous MESS). The second batch, maybe because it had chilled a little better, was much easier to work with. I made mine with boysenberry jam, dark chocolate, cranberries, and toasted almonds.

Despite appearances, they were actually VERY good. I considered high marks from a co-worker who is a rugelach expert a nice compliment!


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