Posted in November 2008

TWD: Thanksgiving Twofer Pie

What a crazy busy week! I’ll admit…I had planned on making this pie for Thanksgiving. My FIRST Thanksgiving. And after I read all the reviews, I just didn’t have faith that this was going to be the brilliant finale to my dinner that I had hoped for. SO…I waited, and in all the rush of … Continue reading

Berry Muffins – A Delaware Yummy for my Aunt

So, just like I left Butterscotch Brownies for my uncle in Delaware, I had to find something my aunt would enjoy (she is…GASP…not a Butterscotch Brownie fan!). After a quick call to my cousin, I decided to opt for some muffins, as she loves to sit with her coffee a little something to nibble on … Continue reading

Fruit of the Month Club: Bosc Pears

I probably didn’t discover pears until this year…or maybe last. I had this notion that they were grainy, or mealy and I don’t LIKE grainy or mealy, so I stuck to just apples as my fall fruit of choice. But once I actually took the plunge? OH the possibilities. 🙂 I typically buy Anjou or … Continue reading

Pumpkin Wishes and Oatmeal Dreams

Who needs champagne and caviar!! A couple weeks ago I saw notes popping up on various blogs about Hershey’s Pumpkin Kisses, and I set out to find some. Unfortunately, none of my local grocey stores had them (they are limited edition, after all), so I turned to the web…and found them on eBay! Go figure. … Continue reading

TWD: Rugelach

Oh boy it’s been a busy week! Work suddenly exploded, as it seems to do on a cyclical basis, and then I was up in NY for a fun Halloween weekend (and an obligatory stop at Billy’s Bakery for an out of this WORLD piece of coconut cake!). And then the ultimate sadness, which is … Continue reading