My New Pan (and some food art)

I have too many baking pans. There it is, I said it. Square and fluted and mini and for heavens sake, I even have a muffin top pan. But I love them ALL.

Fall is a particularly rough time of year, as it seems that every company and every store comes out with specialty bakeware. This being my favorite season, I find myself faced with three months of baking temptation. Do I need a pan that makes little acorn cakes? Surely I do not. Or a pie plate in the shape of an apple? Or a pumpkin? Hardly. Most of the time, I can manage to walk away empty handed. However, today was an exception. I have been eyeing this pan for some time, and although I was not able to find one in a store, I came across a close enough version today (at a discount home store!) and caved.

The cake itself is nothing fantastic, but ohhhh, the possibilities with the PAN! Pink…dark chocolate with some powdered sugar…spice or pumpkin cake around Thanksgiving. All in little beautiful bite sized flowers. I have temporarily satisfied my baking pan cravings.


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