Almost had to wash it down the sink…

YES, it’s that good. Like those Yoplait commercials…”almost have to wash it down the kitchen sink so I don’t eat it all” good. In fact, if I weren’t making it for dinner guests tomorrow night, it would be down the sink. Or at least the half that I didn’t eat.

I LOVE ice cream. In fact, I don’t ever keep it around because it’s one of those foods that generally causes me to lose all sense of self control. So when I want it, I either make it in small batches or go out for it. My two favorite ice cream cookbooks are Ben and Jerry’s and David Lebovitz’. I’m making molten chocolate cakes tomorrow night and thought some coffee ice cream would be a perfect match, so I hit up both books for some inspiration.

What I ended up with is a Ben and Jerry’s simple, easy, no cook recipe for coffee ice cream, and an addition of stracciatella. Stracciatella, in ice cream speak, basically means melted chocolate that is streamed into ice cream during the last minute of churning, which then hardens up and resembles chips. YUM.

Coffee Ice Cream (Adapted from Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream & Dessert Book)


½ cup egg beaters

¾ cup plus 2 TBS sugar

1 cup 2% milk

2 cups heavy cream

2 TBS instant decaf coffee


Whisk eggs in a bowl for 2 minutes until light and fluffy. Add sugar a little at a time, continue whisking for another minute. Add milk, cream, sugar and coffee and continue whisking until all blended. Pour into ice cream maker and follow directions (I use the Cuisinart one pictured and churn for 30 minutes.




5 oz. bittersweet chocolate, melted


In the last minute of churning, slowly pour a very small stream of chocolate into the ice cream maker, taking care that it doesn’t all stick to the machine! Pouring directly on the ice cream will help with this.


Transfer to freezer container and freeze. Don’t dump it down the drain.


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